God and MPD

Several years ago I was in a church service where people who were sick were receiving prayer. They were others who were talking about how God healed them. I knew that God healed physically and emotionally. I had even experienced it in my life. That night as I sat there, I thought about people I knew who were schizophrenic or bipolar etc. and how they were in need of His healing too. In the Bible when Jesus healed he didn't just heal colds but he also healed people who were "not in their right mind". If Jesus did it and those who followed him were suppose to do the same things then why wasn't it happening. That night I told God that I wanted to be used by Him to go after the "hard cases" - those that no one else would touch. Within a year I was diagnosed with MPD and I became one of those who were considered a hard case.

Most of my friends did not understand what was happening. They kept expecting me to do the things I had always done like praying and ministering to others. Those that I did tell about the MPD to for the most part backed away from me as if I had grown extra arms and horns or something. I was fortunate to have an older couple in my life who took me under their wings. I have heard horror stories of others with MPD who recieved prayer from people who would try to "cast out spirits" that were not spirits but actually alters. This couple prayed for me with the compassion of Jesus and they taught me how to pray for myself.

It saddens me when I think about my experience and the experience of others when it is concerning God's people. He is the one who holds the power and authority to break through the darkness in peoples lives. Jesus came and died so that He might set the captives free. That is part of the message that He has comissioned His children to preach. Those who survived SRA need to see that there is One whose power is greater than the one who brought so much pain and bondage in thier life. Where are those who are filled with the love and compassion of Jesus? Where are those who see past the outward appearances of those held captive by the horrors of the past to see the hearts of men and women crying out to be free? Where are those who are willing to lay down there life for thier brother or sister, to weep when they weep, rejoice when they rejoice? Where are those who will speak forth words of hope, life and love over and over until it touches the very deepest part a wounded person life?


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